7 legends
Task type Legends
Pre-requisite(s) No pre-requisites
Description In ancient times when divine warriors clashed, Yang Jian defeated 6 of the strongest and they became sworn comrades. The Seven of Meishan will give their aid to the one who gathers their respective tokens.
Guide Finding a Meishan Chest can yield the tokens of the Legendary Seven of Meishan. The chests can be found on 5th, 6th, and 7th floor of the special paradises.
Objective(s) Zhijian Tkn.: 1
Dog Token: 1
Guo Token: 1
Gonglin Tkn.: 1
Zhang Tkn.: 1
Boshi Tkn.: 1
Kang Token: 1
Reward(s) Jian Token: 1
Unlocks Blade of Zhenju, Xiaotian Dog

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