Adv. Sketch
Adv. Sketch
Item type Production
Description Required to upgrade a structure beyond level 20.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

Advanced Sketches are production items which are required to upgrade a resource structure beyond than the usual maximum of level 20. Advanced sketches can upgrade a resource structure to a maximum of level 25. This item is not needed to upgrade normal buildings in famous cities beyond level 20. During the logon screen, there is a text saying that Adv. Sketches may be used to upgrade the palace beyond level 20, although this is not possible, suggesting that this idea is bogus.

This item may be obtained by invading wildlands, and can also be bought from the shop for 25 WoLCash.

It can also be purchased with voucher points.

This item is also one of the possible rewards from opening a Crystal Box.

Nowadays it drops from special paradise level 4 as well.

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