Ao Guang
Ao Guang
Gender Male
Order Seer
Title Dragon King of the Eastern Sea
Ability 38
FengShen Tower Talent None

Base Life 712
Base Mana 887
Obtained at Level Unknown

Base CA 288
Base MA 395
Base Def. 211
Base Crg. 49
Base Mag. 65
Base Strt. 43

Legend type Famous city
Famous city Geng County (33,103)

Ao Guang (or the Dragon King of the East Sea) is a famous legend who can be recruited from the famous city Geng County at coordinates [33, 103].

Ao Guang has three sons, and his third son is Ao Bing. In the Legends task Nezha explores, Ao Guang sends Ao Bing to challenge Nezha, but is killed by Nezha. Ao Guang has three brothers: Ao Run (Dragon King of the West Sea), Ao Shun (Dragon King of the North Sea), and Ao Qin (Dragon King of the South Sea).

In the Legends task Nezha's death, the four Dragon King brothers forged an alliance to seek revenge for Ao Guang's earlier defeat to Nezha. They threaten to flood Chengtang Pass unless Nezha sacrificed his life. His battle order, East Order, is required for the task.

He can also be seen and fought on Floor 4 of Buzhou Mountain but he cannot be captured.


In the Chinese novel Fengshen Yanyi, Ao Guang is the Dragon King of the East Sea. Ao Bing, his third son, had been renowned as a rain god who provided rain to anyone in need. However, he becomes corrupted and people start to fear him and his three sons.


The four Dragon Kings are depicted looking in the directions that correspond their domain. For example, Ao Guang, as the Dragon King of the East Sea, is seen looking right (or east).

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