Arming Nezha
Task type Legends
Pre-requisite(s) Nezha is born
Description As Nezha touched the tablet, it disappeared in a cloud of smoke. As the room cleared, a wizened monk emerged and revealed himself to be the immortal sage Taiyi. Looking upon Nezha with fascination, he spoke of two missing relics: the Golden Chakram and the Red Damask. These, he stated, had to be returned to Qianyuan Mountain and remade, as they were magical weapons that would protect the boy.
Guide Invade level 8 wildlands in search of a Gold Ring and Fire Silk, which will then be remade into Nezha's Chakram and Red Damask. The ring and silk may also be purchased from the shop.
Objective(s) Gold Ring: 1
Nezha: 1
Fire Silk: 1
Reward(s) Puzzle Box: 1
Unlocks Nezha explores

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