Aspiration 10
Task type Growth
Pre-requisite(s) Aspiration 9
Description An act of great negligence caused the Eight Trigrams of Fu Xi to fall to earth. One fell into the hands of Lord Wen and came to be known as Lord Wen's Trigram. Wishing to expand his power and influence, Lord Wen offered a reward to anyone who could ascertain the meaning of the Trigram.
Guide If your palace is level 14 or higher you can obtain the official title of Education Minister by offering gold and treasure as a tribute to the Imperial Court. This title allows you to build an additional sub-city.
Objective(s) Reputation: 1,000,000
Gold: 600,000
Palace: level 14
Wyrm Pearl: 5
Spirit Pearl: 5
Reward(s) Official Position: Education Minister
Enigma Box: 1
Cipher: 1
Heaven Box: 2
Voucher: 300
Sub-city: 1
Unlocks Aspiration 11

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