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Birthday Cake
Bday Cake
Item type Aid
Description Happy 2nd Birthday to War of Legends! - Boosts Gained XP by 100% for 24 Hours.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

Birthday Cake - for Second Birthday - an Aid Item.

(For First Birthday, refer Bday Cake - a Treasure Item.)

Birthday Cake was an aid item introduced on January 19th 2012 in celebration of WOL's 2nd birthday. The image is the same as the B'day Cake that was given out for WOL's first birthday.

Using this item doubles XP gained by all legends for 24 hours. It's use is similar to that of a Clarity or Lucidity, but of a longer duration.

This item dropped from all level wilds and SP's until January 22. At that time two new items started to drop in honor of the chinese New Year.

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