This article is about an item. For the Practise task, see Bluestone (task).
Item type Forging
Description Increases the success rate of enhancement on items grade 1-4.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

A bluestone can be used to increase success rates while smithing equipment of grade 1-4. Bluestones may be obtained from wildlands.

Bluestone Capture

A bluestone obtained by invading a level 6 Hill

Bluestones may also be obtained as a reward by completing the Practise task Bluestone. Players require a mana stone for 5 bluestones.

On 21 July 2010, this item was removed from the rewards of the Divination Trigram, and replaced with Leg. Flag[1].


Bluestones are common when invading mid-level wildlands. Usually, about 1-5% of wildland invades will have a bluestone. However, usually only one of these may be obtained at one time.


The following are the success rates of enhancement based on the number of bluestones and the grade of the equipment:

Grades Bluestones
1 2 3 4 5 6
Grade 0→1 50% 70% 86% 100%
Grade 1→2 31% 44% 54% 62% 69% 76%
Grade 2→3 20% 28% 34% 40% 44% 48%
Grade 3→4 13% 18% 23% 26% 29%



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