Body of Stone
Task type Legends
Pre-requisite(s) Morning Dew
Description You sprinkle the dew over the scroll, which erupts in a cloud of mist. When the air clears, a frail man lies shivering on the ground. He whispers that he was once a great legend and that, close to death, he bound his soul to the scroll in the hope that he might find succour in the future. Your scholars believe that he is a being aligned with stone, and that quartz might be used to restore his ravaged frame.
Guide To restore the man's body you will need Quartz, which may be found in level 7 wildland areas, along with 50,000 units of stone.
Objective(s) Quartz: 1
Stone: 50,000
Reward(s) Food: 50,000
Unlocks Undying Flame

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