Bronze Box
Oak Chest
Item type Treasure
Description Contains green suit items around level 20 as well as extra rewards.
WoLCash Cost See Oak Chest

Were you looking for a Bronze Chest?

Bronze Boxes are treasure items which contain level 20 green armour, and some additional rewards. They may be obtained by invading wildlands. This can be exchanged for an Oak Chest with the Arm The Troops Destiny task. This item cannot be bought from the shop, but players can choose to buy an Oak Chest which contains similar items.


Location Level Floor Quantity Rarity
Wildland (invade) 7-10 N/A 1 Uncommon
Wildland (occupy) 7-10 N/A 1 Uncommon
Wildland (explore) 7-10 N/A 1 Uncommon


Bronze Boxes may contain multiples of the following:

Feral Suit

Jade Suit

Spirit set

Squall Suit

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