You can build buildings either in your city or in the outskirts. When you are currently constructing or upgrading a building it will look like this on the bottom right of your screen:


(Make sure you are currently in the buildings tab)

  • This shows you the name of the building that's being built or upgraded (Village), the level it's being upgraded to(9 to 10), and the time until the process is finished(0 hours, 21 minutes, 13 seconds).
  • The red-X-button allows you to cancel the building process, this might be the case if you clicked build/upgrade a building by mistake. (Do you get any resources back?)
  • The green >> (double forward arrow) button allows you to speed up the building or upgrading by using an , such as Sketches, Notes, Plans or Tomes. You can use any of these multiple times on one upgrade and combine them in any way you wish to.

To build a new buildingEdit

Go to your City or the Outskirts using the tab bar at the middle-top of the screen. Click any empty tile to build a building here. Then you'll have to choose the building you want to be built. Different buildings can be built in the city and the outskirts.

To upgrade a buildingEdit

In your city or the outskirts a building can be upgraded. Simply click on the building you want to develop further. Then press the "Upgrade" button: Upgradebutton

Moving your mouse over it will give you detailed information on the upgrade.


Section 1 (White): What will this building be able to do at the next level/what powers does it have?

Section 2 (Green): What is necessary to upgrade this building? In this example it's necessary to have a village of at least level 2, 518 units of food, 2073 units of wood, etc...

Section 3 (Red): How many resources do I currently have? In this example it also shows the current level of my best village (level 10).

Section 4 (Orange): How long will it take to complete the upgrade? Here: 27 minutes and 0 seconds.  This is the Base time and dependant upon Mag. value of cities Governor , may in fact be a lot shorter.

Downgrading a building Edit

Downgrade Buildings can also be downgraded. Downgrading also uses up a space in the building queue, and can also be sped up by use of accelerate items.

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