Buzhou Mountain offers three possible reward paths upon entry:

  • Experience - Guaranteed Reward
  • Legend - Random Reward
  • Armoury - Random Reward

Buzhou Mountain Pathway-Armoury

Experience based
Name Image Info
Great  Experience Book Advanced Experience Book Grants 500,000 Experience
Legend based
Legend  Image Order AB.
Li De Guan Bin Seer 40
Huang Tianxiang Huang Tianxiang Warrior 41
Wang Bian Wang Bian Seer 42
Armoury based -
Treasure to Equip (Basic)
Treasure Equip Info
Brnz. Chest Archon I Archon Helm Archon Helm Level 42
Brnz. Chest Archon II Archon Robe Archon Robe Level 44
Brnz. Chest Archon III Archon Belt Archon Belt Level 46
Brnz. Chest Archon IV Archon Boots Archon Boots Level 48
Violet Violet I Violet Hat Violet Hat Level 92
Violet Violet II Violet Robe Violet Robe Level 94
Violet Violet III Violet Belt Violet Belt Level 96
Violet Violet IV Violet Bts. Violet Bts. Level 98
Armoury based -
Treasure to Equip (Soared)
Treasure Equip Info
Fuxi Box I Fuxi Box I Fuxi Helmet Fuxi Helm Level 22 Soared
Fuxi Box II Fuxi Box II Fuxi Armour Fuxi Armour Level 24 Soared
Jade Chest Shen I Shen Crown Shen Crown Level 42 Soared
Jade Chest Shen II Shen Gown Shen Gown Level 44 Soared
Jade Chest Shen III Shen Belt Shen Belt Level 46 Soared
Jade Chest Shen IV Shen Shoes Shen Shoes Level 48 Soared
Houyi Chest Houyi Box I Houyi Helm Houyi Helm Level 72 Soared
Houyi Chest Houyi Box II Houyi Armour Houyi Armour Level 74 Soared
Houyi Chest Houyi Box III Houyi Belt Houyi Belt Level 76 Soared
Jade Chest Nuwa Box II Nuwa Robe Nuwa Robe Level 84 Soared
Armoury based - Items
Name Qty  Image Info
Ascend Tkn. 1 Ascend Tkn. Forging item
Golden Spirit 3 Golden Spirit Task item (Daily or Legend)
Order Conversion 1 Order Conversion Forging item
Ore Rune 3 Ore Rune Forging item
Redstone 5 Redstone Forging item
Wooden Chest 1 Wooden Chest Treasure item
Armoury based - Fengshen Tower
Name Image Info
Escape Book Escape Book Aid Item - Increase chance trigger avoidance by 15%
Extend Book Extend Book Aid Item - Increase chance continuous attack by 15%
Guard Book Guard Book Aid Item - Increase chance trigger defence by 15%
Life Book Life Book Aid Item - Increase chance resurrection return to life by 20% after death
Opose Book Opose Book Aid Item - Increase chance trigger counter-attack by 15%

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