Weapon Carriage
Superiority Swordsmen
Vulnerability Halberdiers
Garrison 15
Armoury 5

Conscription 10
Leadership 1
Gold 60
Food 300
Wood 200
Stone None
Copper 300

Population 5
Time 00:01:15
Life 35
Attack 30
Defence 25
Speed 130
Load 80
Pay 3
Consumption 3

Charioteers are considered to be the strongest troops in the game compared to the other normal troops. However, the number of charioteers legends can lead is the smallest. Charioteers consume a huge amount of food while inactive, and require a large population to train them.

They are most effective against swordsmen and most vulnerable against halberdiers.

Requirements and recruitmentEdit

To start training charioteers, players require level 15 Garrison, level 5 Armoury, level 10 in the skill Conscription, and level 1 in the skill Leadership. To recruit each charioteer, 60 gold, 300 food, 200 wood, and 300 copper is required.

Each charioteer can be trained in 1 minute and 15 seconds. However, the actual time is reduced depending on the level of the Garrison, the level of the player's alliance, and the military bonus of the governor (which is dependant on courage).


Among normal troops, charioteers have the highest life points, the highest defence, and the fastest speed. They also have the second highest attack (30 Attack) with the highest belonging to archers (35 Attack). Charioteers have the second highest load capacity of 80, with halberdiers having the highest load capacity of 120.

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