This position is Aspiration 17

Once you have gained this position you are can upgrade your buildings to level 25. Note that this bonus only applies to the buildings inside your cities. The outskirts are not affected by your position, these still require adv. sketches to upgrade beyond level 20.

You will also be able to get all skills up to level 25.

Requirements Edit

This position can be obtained through first acquiring the objectives listed below.

Wyrm Pearls 15
Spirit Pearls 10
Kunlun Jades 5
Water Spirits 30
Wood Spirits 100
Fire Spirits 100

Note: The task incorrectly lists Sea Draon Beads instead of correct name: Wyrm Pearl

Once these requirements have been completed. You may earn your new position Civic Guardian.

Level 25 city buildings and skills limit on all cities. 1200 Vouchers 1 Gold Charm 1 Jade Charm 1 Reflections 5 Tomes 2 Holy Boxes 1 Xing Jade III 1 Jing Jade III 1 Styx Jade I 10 Restore Seeds

Daily Ambition Edit

With a new position, the player will receive more resources as pay than the previous position.

The item given as a daily is also changed. But doesn't always mean it is better for the player.

A Civic Guardian receives the following for achieving this position. The task in the Daily section, Ambition is to accept and obtain the reward below.

Daily Ambition Task
Gold 100,000
Food 100,000
Wood 100,000
Stone 100,000
Copper 100,000

Manoeuvres Edit

Three manoeuvre daily tasks in Taibao is located here, rewards as follow.

Manoeuvres Task
Manoeuvres Reward
Floor 9 4500 Reputation
Floor 10 4500 Reputation, 1 x Motley Treasure Chest
Floor 11 4500 Reputation, 1 x Civic Guardian Gift Box

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