Darkened skies
Task type Growth
Pre-requisite(s) Home defence (level 10)
Description Archers specialise in attacking at range, but are fragile in melee. Train archers to weaken your enemy as they approach.
Guide Train 100 archers
Objective(s) Archers: 100
Reward(s) Food: 15,000
Wood: 25,000
Copper: 10,000
Population: 300
Unlocks See below
Pre-requisite(s) Logistics (task) (level 14)
Guide Train 500 archers
Objective(s) Archers: 500
Reward(s) Gold: 10,000
Food: 50,000
Wood: 100,000
Copper: 50,000
Population: 1,200
Unlocks See below
Pre-requisite(s) Logistics (task) (level 16)
Guide Train 1,000 archers
Objective(s) Archers: 1,000
Reward(s) Reputation: 3,000
Unlocks No task unlocked

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