For a general article on trigrams, see Eight Trigrams of Fu Xi.
For a log of all of items gained from this minigame, see Divination Trigram/Log.
Divination Trigram icon

The Divination Trigram is a type of lottery minigame, which can be played 20 times a day. As each try requires for 5,000 Gold, players may spend up to 100,000 Gold per day. The icon for Divination Trigram is located at the top left hand corner of the screen, just below the player's avatar.

Players win a prize if they obtain a correct symbol (either blue or gold) in one of the four circles. The most valuable prizes are given if the players obtain the correct symbols in all four circles. Currently, it is impossible to have a blue and a yellow symbol at the same time.

On 21 July 2010, the rewards for the Divination Trigram were changed[1]. Small caches were replaced with diagrams, large caches with solutions, bluestones with legend flags, redstones with war tokens, oak chests with ciphers, and poplar boxes with teak chests.


Gold Trigram gold
Blue Trigram blue
Others 001 010 011 100 101 110


Symbols matched Reward
Trigram gold Diagram
Trigram gold Trigram gold Solution
Trigram gold Trigram gold Trigram gold Coffer
Trigram gold Trigram gold Trigram gold Trigram gold Jewel Box
Symbols matched Reward
Trigram blue Leg. Flag
Trigram blue Trigram blue War Token
Trigram blue Trigram blue Trigram blue Cipher
Trigram blue Trigram blue Trigram blue Trigram blue Teak Chest


Although there are 4,096 possible permutations, only 590 of them have both a blue and a gold symbol, and so are infeasible. Further still, 1,296 of those only have grey blocks. The possible combinations are shown in the table below. It should be noted that this does not correlate to the chances of getting each permutation. It is far more likely that the game uses combinations, and so, the chances are skewed considerably.

Divination possibilities
Symbols Combinations Percentage
1 gold 864 25%
2 golds 216 6.1%
3 golds 24 0.68%
4 golds 1 0.02%
1 blue 864 25%
2 blues 216 6.1%
3 blues 24 0.68%
4 blues 1 0.02%
None 1,296 37%

For a log of actual items obtained from the Divination Trigram, see Divination Trigram/Log.



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