Divine Wind
Divine Wind
Item type Aid
Description Moves your city to an appointed flatland area. Cannot be used if troops are (not) based in the city. Transport of goods to the new city is not allowed for up to 12 hours.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

Divine Wind is an Aid item which may be used to move a city (or sub-city) to a specific flat ground. This item cannot be used if the players' troops are not within the Garrison, or if allied troops are garrisoned in the Ally base.

It is recommended that this item is only used when players are trying to avoid being constantly invaded and/or occupied by another player. Players may use this item to relocate closer to their alliance members.

The Divine Wind cannot be exchanged for vouchers and is used to complete task The Bailiff.

They can also be obtained as drops from Special paradises and from Enigma Boxes, furthermore two can be obtained daily from the the Civic Custodian Gift Box which involves doing Special paradise floor 12. These are all great options if the user does not want to purchase it with WoLCash.


Divine Wind interface

The interface for Divine Wind

Effects of relocatingEdit

As soon as the city is relocated:

  • The destination wildland tile is removed
  • The original wildland tile becomes empty

For 12 hours after the relocation of the city:


Inability to relocateEdit

Players will not relocate their city, and the "Troops in field" error may occur, if players have:

  • Occupied wildlands
  • Enslaved territories (i.e. having other players' cities under their control)
  • Market caravans in transit, or on standby selling/buying resources
  • Troops in transit to/from other locations, including the player's sub-city, and cities of other alliance members

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