Equipment are battle items which can be equipped by legends. This includes artefacts, helms, armour, belts, and boots, and these can be equipped based on their equipment slot. These items are stored in the Equipment tab of the inventory once they have been acquired through treasure items.

The durability of each type of equipment (with the exception of artefacts) degrade when used in battles, and can be repaired using gold or restored using WoLCash (previously known as JCredits).

Equipment sets contain a helm, armour, belt and boots. A legend wearing two items in a set receives a bonus, while a legend wearing a full set receives an additional bonus. For example, the Azure suit provides a legend +10 magic points if two pieces of equipment is worn, and decreases the effectiveness of enemy ramparts by 25% if the full suit is worn.


Helms are worn in the Head slot:


Armours are worn in the Chest slot:


Belts are worn in the Waist slot:


Boots are worn in the Leg slot:


Mounts are worn in the Rider slot:


Artefacts are magic equipment which can be used in battles. Mana is required each time an artefact is used. Up to four artefacts may be equipped by a legend.

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