Fall of the King
Task type Legends
Pre-requisite(s) Lingtong Peril
Description After his victory at Lingtong Pass, King Wu Cheng led his forces on to Tongguang Pass. The Commander guarding the pass was a powerful warrior named Chen Tong, owner of the legendary Fire Dragon Javelin. Standing fearlessly atop the pass, he hurled the javelin and slew the king instantly, throwing the advancing forces into disarray. The King's Son sought frantically for a means by which to revive his father.
Guide A Life Potion restores health to a wounded body, while a Herb Pellet restores magical power. Providing both will restore a legend to full strength.
Objective(s) Life Potion: 1
Herb Pellet: 1
Ling Prmt: 1
Reward(s) Reputation: 500
Puzzle Box: 1
Tong Prmt: 1
Unlocks Wisdom

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