Your custom flag is used for all cities and wildlands you currently occupy. It is used to easily identify a player, remember though, that two players can have the same symbol. Symbols can only contain one character.

Flags will not only have a symbol but also a background color.

Flag BackgroundsEdit

Flag backgrounds can be used to quickly identify your alliance's standing towards that city.

Image Color Meaning
Mycityflag Orange/Brown

This is your territory/city!

Neutralplayerflag (Dark)Blue The city belongs to a player who is neither hostile nor friendly towards you
Allianceplayerflag (Dark)Green That player is in your alliance!
Allycityflag Green/Cyan This city's owner is part of an alliance that is befriended with your alliance
Hostileplayerflag Red The city's owner is part of an alliance that's in a feud with your alliance
Enslavedplayerflag Purple This city is being enslaved by you

Furthermore, flags show if the city is a player's capital or just a sub-city. Capitals will have the yellow tail at the bottom of the flag. Sub-city/territory flags are shorter.

Flag SymbolsEdit

There is a great variety of symbols that can be on your flag. Remember that you'll need a city flag item to change your monogram.

Changing the symbolEdit

It's only 3 simple steps:

1) Go to the ruler's menu, found on the top right.

2) Find the field that says "Flag", and click the edit name-button (EditnameButton) next to it.

3) Enter the new symbol (or copy and paste one from the list below, if you like!) and press the accept button (Acceptbutton).

Symbol suggestionsEdit

Of course you can use standard symbols found on every keyboard such as: a,b,c,d,...,1,2,3,4
But you could also copy one from the list below;

Symbol Anregungen
Natürlich können Sie Standard-Symbolen auf jeder Tastatur wie: a, b, c, d ,..., 1,2 , 3,4
Aber Sie könnten auch ein Pick aus der Liste unten;
(Und vergessen Sie nicht Ihren hinzufügen, wenn es nicht dort noch!)
  • ¤
  • æ
  • Æ
  • ô
  • ö
  • ó
  • ò
  • º
  • û
  • ù
  • ú
  • ü
  • ÿ
  • ø
  • £
  • ×
  • ƒ
  • ¿
  • ®
  • ¬
  • ½
  • ¼
  • ¡
  • «
  • »
  • ß
  • π
  • Σ
  • ±
  • ¾
  • ÷
  • ¸
  • °
  • ¨
  • ·
  • ¹
  • ³
  • ²
  • Š
  • Œ
  • Ž
  • ˜
  • š
  • œ
  • Þ
  • Ω

Chinese SymbolsEdit

  • 金 (gold)
  • 愛 (love)
  • 怼 (hate)
  • 天 (sky)
  • 冪 (power)
  • 權 (the Right)
  • 帝 (Emperor, God)
  • 爷 (Lord)
  • 盟 (Alliance)
  • 强 (strong)

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