A Forest is a wildland that can be found on the map. When successfully occupied, it will provide a wood production bonus to the occupier. Occupying a higher level forest will provide a higher wood production bonus; however, the level of the forest goes down by 1 every day due to usage of the wildland. As with all wildlands, the higher the level of the forest, the stronger the troops you have to fight will be. Exploring forests will yield an amount of wood, depending on how long you explored for, and possibly items. Searching a forest may yield a legacy scroll, or a legend. If your style of gameplay requires large amounts of archers, Occupying forest's can be pivotal towards your strategy, since occupying forests gives you a percentage bonus to wood production it can increase your production by a large amount.

Wood gained on raid and Wildland occupation bonuses:
Forest Occupied

An Occupied forest.

Level Wood Bonus
0 500 0%
1 1,000 5%
2 2,000 7%
3 4,000 9%
4 7,500 11%
5 12,000 13%
6 18,000 15%
7 25,000 17%
8 32,000 19%
9 41,000 21%
10 51,000 23%

A battle background as seen in a Forest.

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