Task type Novice
Pre-requisite(s) Forestry
Description Well done! Your people are hard at work, producing the materials you will need to build a prosperous city. However, the world is a dangerous place. You need a strong army to protect everything you have built so far. To fortify your city and arm your men, you will need a lot of stone and copper. The only way to obtain these is to build a quarry and copper mine.
Guide Click on the outskirts icon at the top centre of the screen to access the outskirts interface. The highlighted area represents unused space which is available for development. Click one of these unused tiles, select quarry and then click the building option to start the building process. Repeat the process to also build a copper mine.
Objective(s) Quarry level 1
Copper mine level 1
Reward(s) Food: 1,500
Wood: 2,000
Stone: 1,000
Copper: 500
Reputation: 50
Belt Box: 1
Unlocks No task unlocked

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