Fuxi Tkn.
Fuxi Tkn.
Item type Aid
Description This token will activate dicounts on all Treasure and Task items, free chat, +25% XP gain, +25% marching speed, +5% drop rate in battle and +5% prisoner capturing rate. Lasts for 30 days.
WoLCash Cost 550

This item, along with the Nuwa Tkn. and Pangu Tkn. replaced the Jd. Charm, Jade Token, Gd. Charm, and Gold Token in the 18 November, 2010 update. When activated, a Fuxi Tkn. activation will appear next to the person's name in the rankings.

When activated along with a Nuwa Tkn. a Fuxi Tkn. & Nuwa Tkn. Activation will appear next to the player's name in the rankings.

When all three tokens are activated at the same time, a Fuxi, Pangu, & Nuwa Tkn. actviated will appear next to their name in the rankings.

Every day you can complete a daily task From Fuxi to recieve a Fuxi Tribute. The tribute contains 1 coffer, 2 bluestones , and 1 Heaven Box.

Trivia Edit

If a player feels the need to buy a couple of Coffers, a player should consider buying a Fuxi Token. If a Fuxi Token goes on discount for 100 WoLCash or less, the player can obtain up to 30 Coffers during the activated time. One per day. Under this logic, each Coffers would be worth about 3 WoLCash, when Jagex has never sold them under 5 WoLCash.

It may also be advantageous for a player to buy this item if they need some Heaven Boxes, since you can get up to 30 of them during the activated time.


Fuxi tokens may be obtained through purchase in the shop or by exploring Special Paradises of floor 18 or above.

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