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In War of Legends there are 4 main types of resources: Copper, Food, Stone and Timber, and each time players wish to construct a building, military unit, or conduct some research they will use up some of these resources. For this reason, developing resources is a critical activity while just starting out, and any chance players have to develop resources should be taken advantage of.

From here, the first thing needed is to start building resources. To do that, click on the button on the top and middle of the screen labeled "outskirts" when the mouse is hovering over the button (it is the middle of the three screen navigation buttons) and move to the resources page.

City Navigation


City "outskirts" with resource areas

Click on the empty resource areas and start building two of each kind of resource. Let's get started with the first buildings you can construct in the game.

When the resources have all been developed to level 1, it is now time to introduce you to tasks in the game. Click on the task button and open up the window to begin performing the introductory tasks. The first task is simply logging into the game, which you have already done to get to this point. Click on the "claim your reward" button in the Destiny tab to receive a special treasure box that will contain items that can be useful for you.

There are several sections of the task area to look at, but new players will want to look at the "Novice" section. Looking at that list, there will already be a task with a check mark next to it. This means that the task has been completed and a player can collect the "reward" for completing that task. Usually, especially for the first few tasks, players will be rewarded with some of the materials and resources that they put into completing those tasks. If a player wants to get ahead in this game, it is completion of these tasks that is vitally important. Even at this point, by building the resources production buildings in the outskirts area, a player has nearly wiped out what resources they had.

Introducing the Inventory Edit

Players now have to check their inventory to find a gift that has been given to them for completing the previous task. Click on the Inv (inventory) button to complete this objective. This should automatically open to the correct page, but in case it hasn't, make sure that the Treasure sub section has been selected. In there a player should see the Gift. If clicking on this item, there are two options available that show up. There is a Use and Rec options. The Rec option is for when a player as excess items and simply wants to get rid of them. For this intro gift, that is not the situation and selling this intro gift will really stop any further progress with the tasks. Instead, select the Use option in order to open up this gift.

You will see a series of items that come from this gift. More about those items will be discussed later, so simply click on the green check box button and move on to the next task. After clicking on the green check box, the gift will have disappeared. If you want to make sure you have these new items, click on the Production area of the inventory screen and the Aid section, which will show all of these items. This inventory contains all of the special items that can impact the game and give players special advantages.

Close the inventory screen by clicking on the red X found in the upper-right corner of the inventory screen and move on to the next task.

Getting Back to the Tasks Edit

Click on the Tasks icon again and see what other tasks have been completed.

As the resource areas have already been built before this task has been done, some additional tasks have been completed. The following tasks should already be showing check boxes, and players can quickly move through several tasks at once:

At this point, many of the resources to building your city have been returned to the player for building these resource areas, and they have also been busy providing resources in the back ground while a player has been working with the inventory areas.

Building Villages Edit

From here, players need to start building up their villages. A Village is the place where the workers and laborers who run the city happen to live. Villages also serve an important part in generating Gold, but importantly for now is that they provide workers to help take care of the resource production and building the first village is an important part of making the city grow more. The next tasks deal with creating the village.

Click on the city development button and start building your first village. The exact location is not really important, but there are a total of 28 different positions that you can construct a village. Select one of those and click on that square. Players will see a list of potential buildings that can be constructed. Search for the village option on that list and then click on the green button next to the word Village.

After the village has been initially built, a player needs to "upgrade" that village to raise it from a level 1 village to a level 2 village. Perform this next step at this time. Once the village has been built to level 2, click on the Tasks button to show the completed tasks and collect the necessary rewards. The following tasks should have been completed after building a single village to level 2:

Upgrading the Palace Edit

Finally, it is time to upgrade the Palace to level 2. The Palace is the center and heart of the city, which in turn controls the progress that many other buildings can be built as well. The original palace was already built when a player started the game. Raising this up to level 2 is critical to building a thriving and growing city.

Click on the Palace and open up the palace control screen and then click on the green "upgrade" button in the upper-right corner.

It should take approximately 1 hour to build a palace, and at this point a player could simply close the window and let that hour pass by while a player does something else. In this situation, however, there is a special item that can be used, and to complete this next task must be used in order to move on. Don't worry, you can find more items like this in the future.

Click on the Palace again and then look for a green button with four arrows next to a big red X button. Click on the green acceleration button with the four arrows and a screen will come up showing different kinds of items that can help in accelerating any building project. Click on the Notes item, and a confirmation screen will appear asking if you really want to use the notes. Click on the green check box and the construction of the palace will now be complete.

City development Edit

For those really trying to speed through this game, start right away with constructing two more buildings in the city:

Players should have a couple minutes to do some other tasks in the mean time while these buildings are under construction, so let's get to them, even before checking off the task list:

Changing the flag Edit

City Flags are no longer received as welcome gift so this will have to be done later in the game when it becomes available to you.

All cities have a flag that they are represented by. This is represented by a single character or letter.

Click on the Ruler icon next to the inventory and task icons, and open the rule screen. On that screen, there is an area called "flag" that should be black. Click on the green change button and then a new screen will appear. Type in a distinguishing symbol that will represent your empire. This symbol can be any Unicode character, in addition to anything which can be found on a standard keyboard. Most players simply put some random character in at this point, but players can think of something creative too, including characters from other languages or any other kind of symbol.

Type in the character in the box next to the words New Flag and then click on the green check box. The flag should be changed and now visible to other players as well.

Naming the city Edit

Click on the Palace and look for the name Capital. Click on the green button that says rename city and open the screen view that names the city. The name of the city can be anything a player might want to put in there, but keep in mind that this is something seen in public and should be something tasteful. Swear words or other such language will result in being banned from the game and the account blocked.

Expanding the city again Edit

Upon completing the above tasks and steps, one or both of the buildings under construction should be finished or close to finishing. The next two buildings should be started right away:

At this point, players can open the task menu and start collecting rewards for the tasks that have already been completed so far. The first task that should show up to be completed is the Affairs of state, which concludes the normal tutorial for most brand-new players. A question comes up asking if the player wants to add War of Legends as a favorite (presumably to your web browser). Answer the question and move on.

Click on the tasks icon again and the following tasks should be completed right now:

And once the Legend Pavilion and Garrison are finished, the following tasks will also be complete:

Expanding resources Edit

As soon as either the Legend pavilion or the Garrison have been completed, players can switch back to the outskirts and start to upgrade the production of resources. Take one (and only one right now) of each resource and upgrade it to level two. Stick with this until all four kinds of resources are all at level 2 for production.

Changing the tax rate Edit

While the last of the resource buildings are under construction, change the tax rate of your city. At the bottom of the screen there is a box that shows each of the various resources. A small icon next to the display that shows how much gold is in the city has the tax rate. Click on the gold abacus and change the tax rate to 20%. This tax rate will change in the future, but this specific tax rate is important for an upcoming task that will have to be checked off, and this is a good time to make that change. More information about how tax rate impact the game can be found in the article about Gold.

Establishing the governor Edit

All cities have a special representative managing the affairs of the city. Back when players first started playing the game, a selection was made in terms of what sort of legend would be the very first for the player. See here for the benefits of having a certain order legend run as governor.

Click on the Palace again, this time looking for a box labeled Governor. Click on the brown Change button and select the legend that should be the same name as the account name that was created originally for this player. This is the avatar that represents the player within the game, and is the king or queen of the realm. What this accomplishes is that tasks done within the city give experience to this legend.

Setting production Edit

While the Palace screen is up, let's set up the production rates. Production rates can be adjusted for each kind of resource, to allocate labor if the labor is in short supply. For now, there is plenty of labor available for everything, so the production quotas should be set to 100% for all resources. On the left side of the palace window, select the Resources area and then make sure that every resource is set to 100%. Also, click on the brown "save" button on the bottom left side of the window to make sure these changes are committed. If they aren't saved, the old values will show up.

Yelling at the world Edit

All players have the ability to make a comment to the world as a whole. One of the rewards for one of the previous tasks already completed to this point involved receiving one of these horns.

During this time while players are setting up their city, occasionally some witty comment or question will come up. There a task that requires players to at least make one announcement to the world right at the beginning, to let everybody know you are playing the game. If you are under 13 then the task doesn't appear and the future tasks appear instead that are unlocked by completing the task.[1]

Use these horns carefully. There are ways to earn horns in the game afterward, but they are a precious resource. Most players use them up very quickly, or curse when they use them by mistake. There is a purpose to having these in the game, and it would be wise to use them sparingly.

Added resource space Edit

Each time a Palace is upgrade, one or two additional resource areas become available. Previously when the Palace was upgraded to level 2, one more resource area also became available. At this time, build a Timber mill in that one extra resources area, to level 1 wood production.

** Special note ***

Resist the urge right now to expand resource production. The time will come, and will be covered in this tutorial. Concentrate at least in this initial phase to work on buildings that are required for tasks, and only work on the highest leveled resource areas first, also to concentrate on completing tasks. This is counter-intuitive compared to similar strategy games with similar kind of resource areas, but players who listen to this advise will advance faster in the game and not be stuck at a point where the resources to continue building are gone.

The time will come where as a player the resources can be expanded starting with the lowest value and working up. We'll get there, just be patient for now.

For players who have followed the tutorial so far, the following tasks will count as completed:

A place of learning Edit

The next structure in your city should be a University. Select a square in the city and start its construction. Even though it is a little early for this, start to upgrade the Ramparts at this time too as there should be a position available in the construction queue to start this as well. The Ramparts are the city walls and can be accessed in two different places. Click on one of those places and get those Ramparts built!

Building an army Edit

Normally, players shouldn't be wasting precious resources this early on developing their army, as those resources are usually much better spent developing resources and the city buildings. However, in this case there are resources available for players who start their army at this time. Click on the Garrison and select the Halberdiers and click on the green flag to start training new troops for your city. For the amount to create, put in the number 1 in the box labeled No. required, and then click on the green check box to start training these soldiers. This will take about 8 seconds to levy the soldier from the city.

When this is done, click on the Task icon to complete the Security task, which has a reward of 99 more Halberdiers to add to the army. Next, click on the Parade Grounds to begin allocating these soldiers to the legends. Click on the brown button with a triangle to assign the soldiers to individual legends. Use either the arrow keys or type in the number 100 into the box where the number of soldiers is located at. When this number has been put into that box, click on the brown Save button on the right side of the box. Afterward, click on the red X at the top right side corner of the window and move on to the next task.

First military invasion Edit

Now that the soldiers have been developed and are ready for battle, let's use them for what they are meant for: To attack and destroy enemy armies. Surrounding all cities are some Wildlands which are of various types and levels. To look at the larger world, click on the Map button on the top of the screen (next to the button for the outskirts) that will show the greater map of the area around your city. There may only be wildlands, but likely there will also be other cities nearby that belong to other players. These are your neighbors.

Find one of these wildlands with a zero instead of a higher number. For reasons that will help you out later, look specifically for one of the wildlands which is a Forest of level 0. This may take some searching and moving around the map, but it will be worth taking the extra time right now to find that level 0 forest. When it is found (there are usually several nearby, just keep searching), click on that forest and pull up the map information window. There will be three buttons on the bottom, to invade, occupy, or spy. To complete this task, the invade button needs to be selected.

A new screen will appear that shows all of the legends currently available for deployment. At the moment, just the single legend with 100 Halberdiers. Select the legend and that legend will appear in the right hand side. This is to help verify that the correct legend and soldiers for the invasion have been selected. Double check that the Idle soldiers column has zero, and the number in Troops led is at least 100 / 380 (or whatever that second number will be). This confirms that the troop allocation worked correctly. If the troops weren't properly allocated, it could end up in a disaster here, so be careful when starting all invasions like this. If the troop strength looks correct, click on the brown Send to mission button to begin the invasion. When this happens, a dialog screen saying Troops sent should appear to confirm that the invasion is taking place. Click on the red X on the window and start the next task.

Start of learning Edit

While the invasion is taking place, the University should either be close to completion or it should be done getting built. It is now time to begin the study of various research initiatives to help in making the city more productive. This research can be done independently of anything else that is happening in the game.

Click on the University and note there are three brown buttons on the left side of the window. They are city, army, and legend. Select the army button and find the skill called Conscription. Click on the green research button, which will show how much of each resource is needed to research this technology. Clicking on that will begin the research for this skill, which will take about 8 seconds.

Collect the reward for completing the following tasks:

Building Resources Edit

Now is the time to spend working on resources again. Keep in mind, a city is either growing or dying. Start raising the highest level of each resource producing square in the outskirts, so that you have ultimately each resource at a level 5 production. Keep the other production areas at level 1 for now. DO NOT UPGRADE OTHER RESOURCES BUILDINGS! At least not yet. The time will come, just be patient. This is one place many players will start falling behind others who are more disciplined with their building. If you run out of a particular resource in building these resources buildings, be patient. The resources are coming, and will be available very, very shortly. Very likely players will not run out of resources before the armies return and players are able to complete this section of the tutorial.

Don't concentrate yet on resource building yet.... this is something to do to pass the time and to be prepared for what is ahead. Concentrate on getting the other tasks done first, and if you have time keep the building queue full by raising the top level resource building levels. To level 5 only at this point.

Impacting Morale Edit

It is time to go back to the Palace to begin another task. There are times when the citizens of the city need a little bit of help in terms of boosting their attitude toward the government. The Loyalty concept is something that impacts several aspects of the game and can be very important to keep high.... particularly right before a military invasion into the city by an enemy force. It may not have been noticed, but since the tax rate was adjusted to 20%, the Loyalty of the city has dropped from 90 to 80. That isn't by itself a terrible thing, and it is important to remember that the loyalty and tax rate are directly connected to each other.

Click on the Palace and then search for the Pacify button that is right next to the Loyalty number. Click on Pacify and then a new window will appear. There are 4 options here: Relief, Prayer, Sacrifice, and Give Birth. Select Relief and then click the green check box. To confirm this has happened, the message Population successfully pacified should appear.

The other methods of how to pacify the city will be covered later. For now, let the loyalty drop back to 80 and well get back to it.

This tutorial is almost done with the Novice tasks, so now is a good time to review what has happened. Some basic buildings for the city have been built and an army has been raised from the citizens for its defense and support. The walls have been built, and some research has been started at the University. It is important to note this is just be beginning and there is much, much more to be done to build on the city and be ready for confronting the other players in this game.

When the legends completes the invasion and returns, it is important to remember to return the legend to become the governor from the palace. This will allow the legend to gain critical experience for upcoming battles, and to be able to use some equipment that will soon be revealed. It is far and away easier to earn this experience from governing a city in the beginning than it is to earn experience from battles and other methods. Be patient here, and all will soon come in due course.

Assuming that the buildings are complete, the following task should be complete and ready for you to collect on their rewards:

And on the Growth section of the task list, the following task should already be completed:

And even more interesting, on the Daily section, assuming that the player has successfully invaded a level 0 wildland, the following task:

REMEMBER to claim this reward before claiming the reward for Aspiration 1, or this reward can not be claimed. This is "free" reputation points that have been properly earned, and wasted if ignored.

Even more significant is this final accomplishment:

where a player is able to advance their Position to the rank of Outskirts Minister. Steady advancement in rank is critical to staying ahead in this game.

When finished, move onto the next part of the tutorial >>>


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