Now that the player has been advanced to the rank of Outskirts Minister, there are new challenges that await and it becomes much more complex in terms of building up the city. Many more buildings are expected to be built, and some substantial growth of the city is to follow.

Position has its rewards Edit

From the previous tasks that have been completed to this point, there have been several treasures that have been found and it is important to find out what is in those treasure boxes. Click on the inventory icon and "use" each of the items in the treasure section of the inventory, but be careful not to "use" the other items in the inventory in the other sections of the inventory. We'll get to them in a bit.

Items that are discovered as rewards include:

Most of the rewards we have received have gone directly to the appropriate places in your inventory. We will get to them eventually for now and let's not get too excited.

Setting tax policy Edit

It is important to be able to collect a substantial amount of income from the village. There are several philosophies at play over what may be the "best" tax policy, but there are two distinctive strategies for the early part of playing War of Legends:

  1. Setting the tax rate to 50% and keeping it there. This policy collects slightly less in terms of overall income, but it is very useful for players who can't spend a whole lot of time on-line to keep up on their city. This is also a strongly suggested tax rate for when a player is going to be off-line for a substantial period of time.
  2. Setting the tax rate to 100%. This policy is a little unusual as it requires constant maintenance to keep up, but in the long run actually collects more gold than leaving it at 50%. This strategy is suggested only when players are online and directly involved with the game.

For a more detailed analysis of this concept, see the full article on Gold and how tax policy can be viewed for early city development. Most significantly, the tax rate simply must be changed right now or a player will not have sufficient gold to perform all of the necessary tasks that lay ahead.

For either policy, set the tax to 100% for now if the player is going to keep playing the game and building the city for the next little bit. For players wanting to keep the rate at 50%, wait until the Loyalty drops to 50 before dropping the tax rate down. The rate of decline in Loyalty is the same regardless of what tax rate it is set at.

Prayer Edit

It is now time to go back to the Palace and to use the Pacify button again on the city to raise the Loyalty score again. This time, select the Prayer option to spend some gold to raise loyalty.

Using the Labour Bill Edit

One of the reward that was obtained for completing the Novice tasks included a Labour Bill. Click on the inventory icon and look in the Aid section and Use the Labour Bill at this time. This action allows explosive growth of the city due to opening up more "slots" to be under construction at the same time.

After this item is used, there is a 3 day limit for its activity. More Labour Bills can be obtained for a cost.

At this time, it is important to collect on the rewards for the following three tasks:

Finishing resource building Edit

If there is any top resource building which is not up to level 5, it is important that they all be brought up to level 5 at this time. This is a priority at this time. Again, do not increase the building level of any other resource building that is at level 1. If you make a mistake, that is fine, but just be careful here. Be patient here, as there is a purpose for this method of building. There are rewards coming for increasing the building level of the top buildings, but the other resource buildings don't get similar resource grants.

Villages and more villages Edit

Since there are 5 slots available in the production queue at time time due to the Labour Bill, the fifth slot has a critical purpose: to build villages for your city. The task requires increasing the maximum population to 2000 people, which is a huge task. Knowing where this is going to go, this seems like a wasteful practice in the beginning, but at this time it is most effective and faster to simply build several villages. Build 5 new villages, all at level 1 for this next task. These villages are built very quickly, so almost as soon as you start one building, it will be finished in just a couple of seconds before you need to start the next village.

Additional research Edit

If a player is still waiting for the final level 5 resource buildings to be constructed, now is a good time to perform some additional research. While not a specific task at this time, it is so incredibly useful and helpful that it simply should be done right now. Click on the University and scroll down to the Construction skill and start training that to level 1. What this does is to help speed up how quickly the buildings will be built in a city. At level 1 of this skill, all buildings will be built 2% faster than without this skill having been researched.

When the villages and top resource buildings are finished, the following tasks will be complete and players can collect the rewards:

and perhaps a bit surprising, particularly because previously we created another Lumber Mill:

Sacrifice Edit

Most players at this point in the game are likely not quite ready for completing this task, as it requires a huge amount of Gold. Well, a huge amount for such a small city. If the tax rate is at 100% and the max population is at 2000, it won't take too long to earn this much gold. Just keep an eye on the amount of gold in the treasury of this city and when it gets to 5000, be prepared to perform this task.

Many players panic at this point, thinking it is an impossible amount of money to earn. It really isn't that bad if you have a good tax policy in place, but it is something to be watching for.

What must be done is for a player to go to the Palace and select the Pacify button again, this time choosing the Sacrifice option. While it seems like a waste of time and effort to throw away 5000 gold in this fashion, the gold will return when the task is completed. It will be money well spent.

Building a Market Edit

Trade with other players becomes increasingly important as time goes on. Some players have excess resources they are willing to part with, and others have a dire need for resources at a particular time. Buying and selling resources happens with the Market, and that is the next building which should be constructed. Make sure that it is in the list of buildings that are under construction, to keep all 5 slots filled. Never let this building queue get empty if it can be helped.

Setting Research Priorities Edit

It is important to keep the University busy as much as can be. There are some skills that are more important than others, so there certainly are some priorities to be made.

The next three most important research priorities for the University are the following:

  1. Alchemy
  2. Logging
  3. Logistics

Don't ever let research queue run out, and try to get these skills studied as soon as possible.

Upgrading the Palace Edit

Just as was done earlier, it is now time to upgrade the Palace to level 3 this time. Just as was done earlier, it would be a good idea to use Notes to speed up the construction of the Palace, cutting off an hour in terms of construction time.

Upgrading the Legend Pavilion Edit

Players will soon be having more than one legend in their city, and those legends won't take living in the villages for their homes. They need a place of comfort and beauty, which is the Legend Pavilion. Upgrade the Legend Pavilion to level 2 at this time.

Build a Warehouse Edit

If a city is invaded by a foreign enemy, a Warehouse provides a safe place for the city's resources so there is something left to help take care of the needs of the city in the future. Find an empty spot in the city and build a Warehouse to level 1.

Adding more Villages Edit

It is now time to increase the population of the city again. This time, build 4 more villages for a total of 10 villages. Also, upgrade 4 level 1 villages to become level 2 villages, so the max population becomes 3000 people.

At this point, the following tasks have been completed (or will be close) and it is time to collect on the rewards:

and assuming that perhaps the Alchemy research has concluded by now:

Still More Resources Edit

It is time again to upgrade some of the resource buildings in the outskirts. This time, upgrade only the Stone quarry and the Copper mine to level 6. Keep in mind that the Palace was recently upgraded to level 3, so there should be another empty location for additional resources. In this spot, put another Food cropland into this location, and upgrade it to level 1 only.

Legend Pavillion again Edit

There really will be a whole bunch of legends that you will have to deal with. At this time also upgrade the Legend Pavilion to level 3.

Warehouse again Edit

Just because resources are already sort of protected, we can't stop here. Let's increase the protection of the warehouse and upgrade that to the next level. Increase the Warehouse to level 2.

Better troops Edit

As an incentive to players interested in make a difference in their villages, it is suggested to raise the building level of the Garrison. At this time raise the building level of the Garrison to level 2.

Upgrading Villages Edit

This time, upgrade all of the level 1 villages to become level 2 villages, and afterward upgrade all of the villages to level 3. This may take checking the completed tasks list to collect resources sufficient to complete this task, but it is an important task to do at this time. Keep in mind that more villages and higher level villages will result in much more Gold coming into the city in the form of taxes.

With everything completed at this time, the following tasks should be complete for collecting the rewards:

This should give you plenty of resources to significantly carry on building more of the city at this point.

It is even possible that after all of these tasks are done to this point, that one more reward can be obtained:

as there should be plenty of gold in the city treasury at this point. Certainly there will be very shortly with the city max population over 5000.

Follow on Research Edit

Hopefully the previous University research goals have been achieved and some new priorities can be selected. Here are some high priority research goals to consider:

  1. Cultivation
  2. Mining
  3. Digging
  4. Army Defense
  5. Riding
  6. Army Attack

Keep that research queue going! Don't let those researchers in the University stay idle.

Increasing Ramparts Edit

A strong Ramparts are critical for defending a city. It is also with this structure that gives support and organization to the Palace and is required to be upgraded before a Palace can be improved.

It would be a very good idea to help accelerate the construction of the Ramparts to allow other items to be built, so open the Ramparts information window and click on the green construction acceleration button and use some Sketches to increase the building speed of the Ramparts.

Legend Pavilion again Edit

Did we say there were going to be many legends living in the city? It is time again to upgrade the Legend Pavilion to turn it into a home worthy of the most honorable legend. Bring the Legend Pavilion to level 4.

Upgrading the Warehouse Edit

The Warehouse should be upgraded to level 3 in order to protect even more resources from falling into the hands of the enemy.

Upgrading the Garrison Edit

There is a reason for this! Upgrade the Garrison to prepare to train advanced soldiers that can really give the enemy some heartburn.

Preparing for War Edit

There are three critical buildings that must be built to genuinely prepare for war:

Build each of them to level 1

At this point a player is very likely to be running short on resources. Some completed or soon to be completed tasks include:

It is most certainly likely that some of these rewards must be obtained in order to work on and build subsequent structures.

Upgrading Palace to Level 4 Edit

Finally the critical goal in order to be promoted to the next position by the emperor is to upgrade the city palace to level 4. There should be enough resources from the construction of the previous buildings in order to get this structure upgraded if there is a construction slot available. As soon as the Ramparts are finished, try to get the Palace built as the next construction project as long as there are resources available to facilitate its construction. If those resources are not available, keep working on the other buildings and try again after collecting rewards from completed tasks. Eventually those resources will be there.

Upgrading Legend Edit

Behind the scenes, the primary legend of the players hasn't been sitting still. Assuming that the legend has been reassigned as the governor previously, all of the construction that has been going on to this point together with the previous invasion of the level 0 wildland has earned some considerable experience for this legend.

As legends gain experience, they become capable of doing more heroic tasks and can take on a stronger leadership position within the city.

Above the box which displays the currently available resources, there is a group of buttons which access several informational displays. Look for the button marked Legend and click on that display.

The display shows all of the legends currently in this city or assigned to this city. On the left column, there is a list of legends that can be selected. Typically, most players will have only a single legend, although it is possible on the previous invasion that a prisoner of war was captured rather than defeated. Ignore this prisoner for now, if they are present.

This window displays the various attributes of each legend and how they might rank and compare with each other. Since quite a few things have been happening in the city so far, the main legend has been earning quite a bit of experience. Immediately underneath the name of the legend there is a box labeled level that shows the current combat level of this legend. There is also an experience progress bar showing how many experience points are needed to earn the next level. Most likely, if the legend was made into a governor immediately after the invasion force came back, this experience bar is not only full but overflowing.

Click on the green arrow next to the level display and raise the experience of this legend. It is quite likely that there will be multiple levels which the legend has accumulated experience so far.

The next task, before this window is closed, is to assign the potential points for this legend. These show up next to a box labeled Pot.

These potential points can be assigned to one of three attributes, each with their own areas of focus:

  • Courage - Increases the offensive power of all soldiers under the direct command of this legend.
  • Magic - Increases the "lifespan" of all soldiers under the direct command of this legend. This also increases the effectiveness of artefacts found and assigned to this legend.
  • Strategy - Increases the defensive strength of all soldiers under the direct command of this legend. This also increases slightly the number of soldiers which this legend can lead into battle and have assigned to him.

This tutorial isn't necessarily the best place to discuss the advantages of each area, but it is important that at least some of the potential points are assigned to one of these skills to complete this task. Click on one of the green boxes next to one of these attributes and start increasing these attributes. If a player wants to restart and assign these potential points in some other way after they've been assigned, either close the window or select another legend and go back to the legend being reviewed. Assigning these potential points can have a substantial impact when battles are engaged by soldiers led by these legends. Once all of the points that a player cares to assign and in the correct attributes, click on the brown save button immediately below the box showing available potential points and commit these changes. Even this isn't necessarily permanent, as there are some items which can be used to re-allocate these potential points.

Before this window is closed, it may be useful to assign some armor to a legend as well. There were several pieces of armor that were given as gifts from previous tasks. It is now time to use them. The following should be in the equipment area of the inventory:

Each of these items has a unique legend level which must be met in order to use that item. Of these, most likely the legend will meet the requirements for the Snake Cloth, which has a minimum level requirement of 4. There are 4 different item slots that cover the head, body, waist, and feet. If a player has a legend of at least level 4 at this time, select the body area and then a list of items in your equipment inventory which can go into this slot will appear. At the moment, this is the Snake Cloth item. Click on that item and then click on the green Equ. button to equip this legend with this item.

Finishing off the city Edit

It may seem repetitive at this point, but there is a method to this madness. All of this building up of the city gives some basic infrastructure necessary to begin playing this game in a serious manner. Rather than going step by step at this point, it is simply more useful to note what buildings and building levels everything should be build up to:

  • Legend Pavilion to level 5
  • Warehouse to level 4 (it may be stuck at level 3 until after the Palace has been built)
  • Garison to level 5
  • Parade ground to level 2
  • Spy camp to level 1

As soon as all of the orders for these buildings are being worked on and if there is an "empty slot" available for an additional construction project, each of the top four resource buildings in the outskirts need to be upgraded to level 8. This can take some time to accomplish. Remember, upgrade only the top resource building and not the level 1 resource buildings. Rewards come to the patient in this case.

It would be advised to concentrate first on that resource which is in short supply when upgrading resource buildings. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Upgrading that resource requires a smaller quantity of that resource when upgrading than the other three.
  2. Upgrading that resource increases the production rate of that resource.

Still, it is important for now that all of the resource buildings are upgraded to level 8. For the moment, don't go past level 8 on any resource... yet. This suggestion only is to help prioritize which one of the resources to start with first or next to complete this task, but it is a good general philosophy in terms of how to manage resources when the city becomes much, much larger.

When the Palace is finally built, there is an empty spot that can be used to create a new resource building. In this spot, build a Quarry for Stone at level 1. Again, remember don't go past level 1 here, but it very useful to have this building already created as the resources produced vs. the amount spent on making this building is quite good at level 1.

As long as steady progress is being made toward the resources, in other words, make sure that each top resource building is headed to level 8.

  • Relay base to level 1
  • University to level 2

Finally, if there are empty construction slots available and the resource buildings are either all under construction or have reached level 8, it is time to start upgrading the villages again. This time upgrade all of the villages to level 4. If the Palace is finished and when all of the villages are at level 4, upgrade 4 villages to level 5 in order to reach 7,000 maximum population in the city.

Remember to check back in regularly with the University and make sure that it is researching something at all times. All of the skills have usefulness, so even if there are skills which haven't been mentioned so far, go ahead and upgrade those skills too at this time. Place a priority on those skills for which there are tasks assigned to them, but otherwise don't hesitate to train any of the skills.

One other word of caution: Now that a market is built, there can be a strong temptation to use the market to purchase resources that can speed up the development of the city. At this early stage of development, that is a fool's errand and all of the resources including gold are best served at the moment by keeping them in the city and not spending them elsewhere.

Military Maneuvers Edit

With building concepts well in hand and the city finally starting to mature, some of the buildings are taking quite some time to be built and there is now some time to start exploring and doing some other tasks that aren't so focused on building development. Not all of the tasks are even listed under the Growth section of the task list, so it is time to introduce some of the other task areas of the game.

Hiring a Legend Edit

Open the task menu and look at the section under Legends. The Long forgotten task is something which requires an army, but not necessarily a huge number of soldiers.

Since players will need another legend soon enough, it is time to recruit a legend. There is the potential for a legend to be captured as a prisoner of war during a battle, particularly a battle that was decisively won. If this has happened already, refer to the article about Prisoners for more details.

Otherwise, players should head to the Legend sanctuary to try and recruit a legend. Clicking on the legend sanctuary will reveal a legend that can be recruited into helping the player run the city. For a low level Legend Sanctuary, there will be at most just a single legend in there. The attributes of this legend are visible, together with the legend skill level. For every level, it will cost 1000 gold to hire the legend into the player's command. If there are no other legends in the Legend Pavilion, hire the legend that is in the sanctuary at this time.

As was done earlier, allocate the troops again. This time click on the main legend who is currently the city governor and set the number of soldiers to zero and click save. Then select this new legend and allocate all current soldiers to be under his command, and then click save to confirm this transfer.

Searching for Special Paradise Edit

What is needed now is to find a Special paradise somewhere on the map. Note that this is not an ordinary paradise, but rather a "special" paradise, and looks quite a bit different. There are approximately about a hundred of them in the game, so there should be one somewhat close to the city of each player, but it may take some looking. Clicking on the map view and then look for the magnifying glass icon and another button right below that shows a map of the whole world. This can help in terms of trying to identify in what direction a Special Paradise might be located at, but it still must be found on the map somewhere.

Once located, click on the Special Paradise and then click on the button labeled explore. Select the new legend that has just been hired, and send the army on a mission by clicking on the brown send to mission button on the bottom right corner of the window. This will usually take some time, depending on how far away this special paradise is from the city.

Exploring the Special Paradise Edit

When the legend finally arrives at the Special Paradise, click on the check button (not the explore button) and check up on what the legend is doing. A display will show up, with a whole bunch of soldiers of an army that seems impossibly huge, especially compared to the puny force sent over of less than a hundred halbardiers. Click on the talk button, to attempt to converse with the legends in this special paradise. A somewhat offensive message will be seen saying "This is a place of contemplation and training for beings of true power. Begone! I've no time to nurse mewling infants!"

Click on the red X button to close this window and then click on the retreat button to pull these soldiers out of this special paradise. Click on the green check box to finish this task.

When done, this should have completed the following tasks:

Intelligence mission Edit

There are a series of tasks which become more and more intense with time. These are not directly linked to resource production, but it is something that a player can work on over the next little while to continue to advance in skills, ability, and earn reputation.

Search for a wildland nearby that might be interesting. Again, look for a forest, but this time a level 1 forest. When a level 1`forest is found, click on the forest and then click on the brown spy button. This initiates a spy mission now that a Spy camp has been built in the city.

This is not sending soldiers but rather spies. There is a chance that the spy might be discovered, captured, and killed. If that happens, a player needs to click on the Spy camp building in the city and then find the brown Recover button. This will cost 100 gold to recover the spy, but that will also give a chance to try again. A player should keep making attempts at spying until they succeed.

When this task is complete, the following task can have its rewards collected:

Training for XP'sEdit

In order to get XP's your best strategy is likely to send your best legend (the one with the highest ability) to the regular Paradise (NOT the Special Paradise) and make them practice. You won't get any rep this way but if you wish to get XP's this is the best way to do it because otherwise you'll run out of troops very fast unless you have at least one arch token. These can be obtained from the Daily Bag. Each token gives you 500 archers, so if you have one of these tokens by all means go to the "Destiny" tasks and click the task "Tempest." Add these 500 archers to the legend(s) of your choice and use them to attack level 0-2 Wildlands. Each paradise has only 90 halberdiers or 45 swordsmen guarding them so it shouldn't be too hard to capture one.

Back to Building the city Edit

Don't neglect your city with all of the fun of running around and exploring the world. There are some more buildings to be working on. Start work on the following buildings:

After the Ally base has been created, players can try to join with an alliance and start to socialize with other players. For more detailed information about an alliance, try to read the main article about an alliance.

For a player wanting to sacrifice some of their production to help start an alliance, that player should continue to upgrade the Ally base. At level two for this building, a player can start or establish a new alliance. Keep in mind that an alliance can have only 10 members for each level with the Ally base, so some significant resources may have to be diverted to support the alliance if a player chooses to start a new alliance.

For the remainder of this tutorial, it will be assumed that some other player is going to be the alliance founder and that the player will participate by searching for an existing alliance rather than starting a new one.

Once these buildings have been constructed, this is pretty much the furthest extend of how the city is going to look from now on except for upgrading building levels. There are 4 remaining spaces in the city which are reserved for future use, either as additional warehouses, garrisons, or if a player doesn't mind to turn them into villages. If these are turned into villages, they may have to be demolished in the future.

Bringing resource up to greater heights Edit

Start working on the resource buildings again, and finally this time we are going to work on some of the lower level resource buildings trying to help bring up the total resource production. When finished, this should be the number and levels of the resource buildings:

  • Cropland (Food)
    • Level 8
    • Level 3
    • Level 2
  • Timber Mill (Wood)
    • Level 8
    • Level 3
    • Level 2
  • Quarry (Stone)
    • Level 8
    • Level 3
    • Level 2
  • Copper Mine (Copper)
    • Level 8
    • Level 6

Building up the copper mill will take some time, but it really should be done at this time too. Doing this should boost overall production of all resources to above 1600 resources produced per hour, plus any other bonuses that may also apply.

Back to the city Edit

With resources under development and a large and growing city, the following builings need to be improved:

  • Ramparts to level 3
  • Palace to level 5
  • Warehouse to Level 5
  • Villages - 3 villages to level 6 and 7 at level 5 for 10,000 max population

Keep in mind that the Palace requires the Ramparts be built first, and the Warehouse requires that the Palace be built. This will take some time to accomplish.

With these items under construction, and while waiting for other things to be happening, this is also a good time to raise the levels of the top resource buildings as well, from level 8 to level 10. Don't sweat trying to push these all up to 10 yet, but it is a good time to be looking at the top resources and be building up those resources for future efforts.

Don't forget to keep track of the research in the University either. With the University at level 2, there should be many skills that can be studied and applied to the city.

Receiving the promotion to Outskirts Officer Edit

As soon as all of the resources have production quantities above 1600, and when the Palace is raised to level 5, the following task appears on the list:

Essentially at this point a player is either extremely close or has also met the other requirements for the Aspiration 2 task that is required for a promotion. This final task will give enough reputation to a player to push them over the 3000 reputation points necessary for a promotion. In addition, if a strong tax policy has been followed to this point in time as discussed earlier, there should be over 50,000 gold in the treasury. Even if all of the gold was spent on other things, the taxes should be supplying approximately 3000-4000 gold per hour if a player was following this guide, allowing a player to earn this requirement in less than a day simply by closing the browser windows.

If the minimum requirements have not been met for the 5,000 of each resource, keep working on building up the resource areas in the outskirts. Typically, even with 5 different buildings under construction, resources tend to come in faster than are spent for construction purposes. Be patient and a player can easily earn this next promotion.

When finished, move onto the next part of the tutorial >>>

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