God's Boon
God's Boon
Item type Aid
Description A direct boon from the gods themselves. This increases a legend's experience by 100,000.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

God's Boons are Aid items which can be used to increase the experience of one legend by 100,000. Other types of boons include Divine Boons and Holy Boons. This item can be bought from the shop for 300 WoLCash. It can also be obtained from the daily task Ambition when players obtain the positions Education Minister, High Priest, and Civic Notary. It can also obtained by the Manoeuvres task unlocked at the Civic Secretary position by invading floor 8 in a Special Paradise. This item can also come in twos in a Daily Bag.


This item is among a group of items that often drops in pairs. It can be found in high-level wildlands and also special paradises. It's more common on the higher floors, but rare in most wildlands.

God's Boon Capture

A God's Boon obtained from an SP.


This item is required for the Legends task Boon of heaven.

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