Hammer blow
Task type Growth
Pre-requisite(s) Home defence
Description Charioteers are swift units equipped with bronze spears, giving them both high mobility and powerful attacks. 100 charioteers will make useful skirmishers for your army.
Guide Train 100 charioteers
Objective(s) Charioteers: 100
Reward(s) Food: 30,000
Wood: 20,000
Copper: 30,000
Population: 600
Unlocks No task unlocked
Guide Train 500 charioteers
Objective(s) Charioteers: 500
Reward(s) Food: 100,000
Wood: 80,000
Copper: 100,000
Population: 2,000
Gold: 15,000
Unlocks See below
Guide Train 1,000 charioteers
Objective(s) Charioteers: 1,000
Reward(s) Reputation: 5,000
Unlocks No task unlocked

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