Heaven Box
Holy Box
Item type Treasure
Description This simple, unadorned case is a direct boon of the Gods and can contain the greatest of the magical treasures.
WoLCash Cost 20

Heaven Boxes are treasure items which contain level 10–40 artefacts. They may be obtained by invading or exploring high-levelled wildlands, exploring special paradises, bought from FengShen Tower for 10,000 reward points, from a fuxi tribute, as a rare reward from the Box of Bliss, or from a Puzzle Box. This item can also be bought from the shop.


These boxes are uncommon both in wildlands and special paradises. They are useful for novice players only, however, as the artefacts in Holy Boxes are much more powerful. Once a player has most of his/her legends over level 40, the artefacts might as well be recovered for gold, as they never sell in the market.

Heaven Box Capture

A heaven box obtained in an SP.


This item can be obtained by completing the following tasks:

Growth tasks or Earn It In Fengshen Tower.

Destiny tasks

Battle for StrongholdEdit

Main article: Battle for Stronghold

This item can be exchanged with 800 Honour points. Honour points are rewarded for donations made to the alliance. However, this reward is only unlocked when the alliance wins a stronghold. Note that this item can be only be exchanged once per day.


This item may contain:

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