This position is Aspiration 11

This position grants an additional wildland occupation, to 10 per city.

Requirements Edit

The necessary achievements and tributes for the position are:

Palace Level 15
Reputation 2,500,000
Gold 1,500,000
Wyrm Pearls 8
Spirit Pearls 8

Accepting the reward for the Growth task Aspiration earns the new position, High Priest.

Daily Ambition Edit

With a new position, the player will receive more resources as pay than the previous position.

The item given as a daily is also changed. But doesn't always mean it is better for the player.

A High Priest receives the following via the Daily task, Ambition:

Daily Ambition Task
Gold 50,000
Food 50,000
Wood 50,000
Stone 50,000
Copper 50,000
God's Boon 1

Manoeuvres Edit

The three Daily manoeuvre tasks for a High Priest are:

Manoeuvres Task
Manoeuvres Reward
Invade Special Paradise 3 1,300 Reputation
Invade Special Paradise 4 1,400 Reputation
Invade Special Paradise 5 Enigma box and 15 horns

Playtime Bonus Edit

The bonus box changes with this position. Many players prefer the bonus box of the previous position and choose to wait until this position can be skipped.

Bonus Box IV

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