Illuminated Treasure Chest IV
Illuminated Treasure Chest IV
Item type Treasure
Description Open to receive the following: Taishang Monarch Decree x 1, Yu Box I x 1, Yu Box II x 1, Yu Box III x 1, Yu Box IV x 1, Concentration Seed x 40, Reflection x 40, Heavenly Pennant x 40 and Victory Gem x 3.
WoLCash Cost N/A

After donating 70 Legends on the Legend Info list, an Illuminated Chest Key IV can be obtained after you "Enter Legend Info" via the Legend Info icon icon on the left of your screen and click on "Receive" in the bottom right of the popup window.
Illuminated Chest Options

Then, via the destiny task Illuminated Treasure IV, an Illuminated Treasure Chest IV is acquired. This appears in Inventory under Treasure.


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