This article is about an Aid item called Integration. For other uses, see Integration.
Integration (item)
Item type Aid
Description Accepts a large influx of nomadic people as permanent residents of a city. Increases the population of your city.
WoLCash Cost 15

Immigration is an Aid item which can be used to increase the population of a city (or a sub-city). This item can be bought from the shop or obtained by invading wildlands or from Lockboxes, Puzzle Boxes or Enigma Boxes.

Each use increases the population of the active city by 20% of its maximum population.

Battle for StrongholdEdit

Main article: Battle for Stronghold

This item can be exchanged with 120 Honour points. Honour points are rewarded for donations made to the alliance. Note that this item can be only be exchanged thrice per day.

Trivia Edit

This item was previously named Integration until a game update in early 2013.

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