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Task type Growth
Pre-requisite(s) Cropland: level 5
Timber mill: level 5
Quarry: level 5
Copper mine: level 5
Description The palace is the centre of government in your city. Upgrading the palace will greatly enhance your administrative efficiency, allowing you to occupy more wildland plots, make use of more outskirt plots and store more gold.
Guide Upgrade your palace to level 3
Objective(s) Palace: level 3
Reward(s) Food: 3,000
Wood: 8,000
Stone: 4,500
Copper: 1,800
Level I Box
Unlocks Home defence
See below
Guide Upgrade your palace to level 4
Objective(s) Palace: level 4
Reward(s) Food: 3,500
Wood: 8,000
Stone: 5,000
Copper: 2,200
Level II Box
Unlocks See below
Guide Upgrade your palace to level 5
Objective(s) Palace: level 5
Reward(s) Food: 4,000
Wood: 10,000
Stone: 6,000
Copper: 2,500
Level III Box
Unlocks Jade Emperor (task)
Guide Upgrade your palace to level 10
Objective(s) Palace: level 10
Reward(s) Gold: 100,000
Reputation: 400
Sup. Giftbox: 1
Level IV Box: 1
Unlocks No task unlocked
Guide Upgrade your palace to level 20
Objective(s) Palace: level 20
Reward(s) Gold: 300,000
Reputation: 5,000
Level V Box: 1
Unlocks No task unlocked

This task was updated in the 18 November, 2010 update. Each of the tasks now rewards a "Level _ Box" Unfortunately, if you had already completed the task that rewarded the key before the update, but have the box there is no way at the moment to acquire the appropriate "Level _ Key" for it.

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