This article is about Growth task called Jade Emperor. For the general article on the Jade Emperor of Heaven, see Jade Emperor.
Jade Emperor
Task type Growth
Pre-requisite(s) Infrastructure
Description The battle between Shang and Zhou raged for many years, leaving the world in ruins. People whose lives have been destroyed by the war live on the streets as vagrants and trade has all but ceased. The Jade Emperor of Heaven beseeched the warlords to look to the welfare of their people with regular contributions of resources. He promised that such humanitarian efforts would not go unrewarded...
Guide Distribute resources to the people to earn prestige and unlock daily quests.
Objective(s) Gold: 5,000
Food: 5,000
Wood: 5,000
Stone: 5,000
Copper: 5,000
Reward(s) Reputation: 1,000
Unlocks Reverence

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