Jd. Charm
Jd. Charm
Item type Aid
Description Provides the following benefits for 7 days: +25% experience gain, +25% marching speed, +10% attack/defence for soldiers, +5% capture rate, free chat in the World channel.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

Jade Charms are Aid items which can be used to provide several benefits for 7 days. This item can be obtained in bonus packs when players buy WoLCash.

When used, the Reward use information (moneybag icon, center top, left of city name) Status panel lists Jade Bauble and date/time of expiration.


At the end of May 2010, Jagex held a competition Nuwa's Paradise Challenge, where alliances are challenged to hold on to three specific wildlands for 24 hours. All members of the alliance which manages to do this are rewarded with a charm each.


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