Jewelry are objects which are mainly used in Aspiration tasks. They can also be used to increase a legend's loyalty.

List of jewelryEdit

Below is a list of all known jewellery:

Icon Jewel Description
Gold Bead Gold Bead Given to long-serving officials in the Imperial Court.
White Jade White Jade This translucent jade is rare as it is beautiful.
Lucent Jade Lucent Jade This radiant jade is the rarest variety of jade.
Silk Yarn Silk Yarn This magical silk is almost unbreakable, making it widely useful.
Azure Stone Azure Stone Seven hues of blue can be seen in the facets of this precious stone.
Sky Stone Sky Stone Small, magical stones produced when Nuwa repaired the sky.
Nuwa Stone Nuwa Stone This potent gem was pivotal in Nuwa's endeavour to repair the sky.
Wyrm Pearl Wyrm Pearl A pearl said to have formed from the bones of an ancient sea dragon.
Spirit Pearl Spirit Pearl This powerful gem absorbs the very essence of Heaven and Earth.
Kunlun Jade Kunlun Jade The spirit jade created by the Master of the Kunlun Mountain.

Jewel exchangeEdit

Meteor shards (see Meteor I) can be used to obtain jewelry via the Divine tribute tasks of the Daily task category. And jewels can be exchanged for better ones at rank Ministerial Prefect using the Exchange tasks in the Destiny category.

Jewellery Meteor I Meteor II Meteor III
Gold Bead


White Jade 10


Lucent Jade 20 10 5
Silk Yarn 20 10
Azure Stone 20
Sky Stone 20 of each

Jewel Gold Bead White Jade Lucent Jade Silk Yarn Azure Stone Sky Stone Nuwa Stone Wyrm Pearl Spirit Pearl
1 Gold Bead 1                
1 White Jade 4 1              
1 Lucent Jade 16 4 1            
1 Silk Yarn 64 16 4 1          
1 Azure Stone 192 48 12 3 1        
1 Sky Stone 576 144 36 9 3 1      
1 Nuwa Stone 1,728 432 108 27 9 3 1    
1 Wyrm Pearl 3,456 864 216 54 18 6 2 1  
1 Spirit Pearl 6,912 1,728 432 108 36 12 4 2 1

Increasing loyaltyEdit

Main article: Loyalty (legend)

In War of Legends, the loyalty of legends fluctuates depending on the outcome of battles. When legends lose a battle, loyalty reduces, and legends with low loyalty usually escape or defect to the enemy camp. In order to increase the loyalty of a legend, they can be rewarded them with gold and jewellery.

Jewellery Loyalty
Gold Bead +5
White Jade +10
Lucent Jade +15
Silk Yarn +20
Azure Stone +25
Sky Stone +30
Nuwa Stone +35
Wyrm Pearl +40
Spirit Pearl +50
Kunlun Jade +60


Jewellery can't normally be bought directly from the shop and so must be found in wildlands, special paradises, or exchanged at the court with meteors I, II or III. The jewlery items that can be bought from the shop are: Nuwa Stones, Spirit Pearls, and Kunlun Jades from the Rebirth Box, Spirit Chest, and Kunlun Box respectively. Also, the other pieces of jewlery can be obtained from the shop by buying a Coffer, Jewel Box, or Tribute Box.

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