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Jin Guang Sheng Mu

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Jin Guang Sheng Mu
Jin Guang Sheng Mu
Gender Female
Order Seer
Title Unknown
Ability 41
FengShen Tower Talent Golden-ray de... - Attack power is increased by 7%

Base Life 377
Base Mana 667
Obtained at Level 40

Base CA 51
Base MA 137
Base Def. 57
Base Crg. 5
Base Mag. 20
Base Strt. 26

Legend type Famous City
Famous city Boshui County (303,329)

Jin Guang Sheng Mu is a famous seer with 41 ability points. She can be recruited from the famous city Boshui County at coordinates (303,329), and from Floor 7 of Buzhou Mountain.

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