This position is Aspiration 3

Requirements Edit

This position can be obtained through first acquiring the objectives listed below.

Palace Level 6
Reputation 5,000
Gold 100,000

Once these requirements have been completed, you may earn your new position Junior Prefect.

Daily Ambition Edit

With a new position, the player will receive more resources as pay than the previous position.

The item given as a daily is also changed. But doesn't always mean it is better for the player.

A Junior Prefect receives the following for achieving this position. The task in the Daily section, Ambition is to accept and obtain the reward below.

Daily Ambition Task
Gold 5,000
Food 5,000
Wood 5,000
Stone 5,000
Copper 5,000
Reputation 200

Manoeuvres Edit

Three manoeuvre daily tasks for Junior prefect position are as follows.

Manoeuvres Task
Manoeuvres Reward
Invade Level 3 350 Reputation
Invade Level 4 400 Reputation
Invade Level 5 Holy Boon

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