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A Lake is a wildland that can be found on the map. When successfully occupied, it will provide a food production bonus to the occupier. Occupying a higher level Lake will provide a higher food production bonus; however, the level of the lake will go down once every day due to usage of the wildland.

Food gained on raid and Wildland occupation bonuses:
Lake Occupied

An Occupied Lake.

Level Food Bonus
0 500 0%
1 1,000 5%
2 2,000 7%
3 4,000 9%
4 7,500 11%
5 12,000 13%
6 18,000 15%
7 25,000 17%
8 32,000 19%
9 41,000 21%
10 51,000 23%

A battle background as seen in a Lake

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