NO. 95 in the Legend Info list.

Lei Zhenzi
Lei Zhenzi
Gender Male
Order Seer
Title True Sage Jin Gun Qian Kun
Ability 30/45
FengShen Tower Talent Wind and Lighning - Avoidance increased by 5%

Base Life 300
Base Mana 248
Obtained at Level Unknown

Base CA 85
Base MA 121
Base Def. 81
Base Crg. 9
Base Mag. 8
Base Strt. 40

Legend type Task
Unlock task Awaited
Unlock item LeiZhenzi Tkn.

Lei Zhenzi is a Famous Legend obtained by using a LeiZhenzi Tkn., earned from completing Awaited. He starts at level 1, and the starting fee is 40 gold.


In Chinese mythology, Lei Zhenzi, or Lei Gong, is the thunder god. This essentially means that he is responsible for the sound of the thunder during the thunderstorms. His "weapon" is a drum and mallet which is used to create the sound of the threatening thunder that one hears. There aren't many temples dedicated to Lei Zhenzi, although there are some that worship him and want him to take revenge on their enemies. He is a fearsome deity, and he is married to Dian Mu, the goddess of lightning, who uses mirrors to send the chilling lights across the sky.


Lei Zhenzi, when summoned, starts out at 30 ability. He has a maximum ability of 45 ability points, and may be raised through the use of apricots. Each apricot has the chance to add to the ability by 1-2 points.


Lei Zhenzi has three exclusive artefacts, Wings, Golden Rod and Thundergod Cudgel. Wings and Golden Rod are received from the Wind Box and Thor's Box received from the legends task Elemental Equip. The Thundergod Cudgel is a possible drop from Buzhou Mountain Floor 6


His exclusive mount is the Thunderbird.

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