NO. 91 in the Legend Info list.

Li Jing
Li Jing
Gender Male
Order Warrior
Title Heaven King Li
Ability 20/41
FengShen Tower Talent Town-Devil cure - Attack is increased by 8%

Base Life 581
Base Mana 256
Obtained at Level Unknown

Base CA 137
Base MA 113
Base Def. 86
Base Crg. 25
Base Mag. 16
Base Strt. 12

Legend type Task
Unlock task A Clue
Unlock item Li Jing Scroll

Li Jing is a famous warrior with 41 ability points. He is the father of Nezha, Jinzha, and Muzha, and the husband of Madam Yin. His belt was made from the Tendon that Nezha tore from Ao Bing after defeating him by the sea. In Chinese mythology (Buddhist and Taoist), Li Jing eventually became the Pagoda Wielding Heaven-King, also sometimes called Li Heaven-King. His Pagoda was used to imprison Nezha whenever he got out of control (There is a point in Fengshen Yanyi when Nezha gets very, very mad at his father, and goes on a rampage to kill him. A taoist immortal stopped by and taught Li Jing the secrets of the Pagoda; otherwise Nezha would have surely killed him). He is also considered a powerful general under the Jade Emperor.

When recruited, Li Jing will start at level 45 and with 20 ability points, and will require further progress of his storyline's tasks to increase his ability to 41 starting with the Monk Du E task.

Li Jing also has 2 unique artefacts

  • Tower, which needs 180 mana and lvl 60. This artefact decreases enemy army size by 12%.
  • Devil Tower, which needs 250 mana and Ascended lvl1. This artefact decreases enemy army size by 20%

Exclusive Mount

Li Jing is a good Candidate to be made a Courage pure';his high base mana is even higher than Nezha's Thus making him a lot more flexible when using Artefacts.

It is recommended to use some Renew Seeds to get the missing Potential points after he reaches 41 Ability. He is one of the few legends that start above level 1 when you get him.

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