Life is required for a legend to take part in battle. Legends will lose life for losing and winning a battle, however a legend will lose more life for a loss instead of a win. The amount of life a legend has is determined by their courage and strategy, although courage adds more life than strategy. A warning will appear in the chat if a legend has less than 20 life. Certain special events can lower the life of a legend to 1.

When a legend is idle, their health will slowly restore in time. If you want to restore a legend's life faster, this can be done through the use of items.

Legends can not die, except in the FengShen Tower (which is a totally seperate system) however if the life of a legend falls below 20, they cannot be dispatched to battle.

Life and Items Edit

Items in game have the ability to heal the legends, but not increase their maximum life span.

List of Health Restore Items
Name of Item Amount of Life Restored
Renewal 20 life
Sp. Renewal 50 life
Heal Seed 30% life restored
Life Potion 100% life restored

Bonus Edit

Through the use of bonuses, such as Stronghold Region effects and Alliance bonus, will restore the Life of legends that are low on health.

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