Lightning Plains
Lightning Plains
Terrain Plain

Flatlands 2,296
Famous cities 5

Relative position
Lightning Plains

Lightning Plains is a forest region in War of Legends. This region has 2,296 flatlands, 5 famous cities, and 3 strongholds.

Famous citiesEdit

Main article: Famous city

The following are famous cities located within this region:

  • Ying County (393,147)
  • Shaqui (403,109)
  • Li City (412,63)
  • Donghai Town (420,169)
  • Jiulong Cuonty (433,129)


Main article: Stronghold

The following are strongholds located within this region:

  • Jizhou City (384,96)
  • Qingzhou Ctiy (389,152)
  • Yuzhou City (401,129)

Legends from strongholdsEdit

Main article: Legends from strongholds
Peng Zushou

Once an alliance controls all three strongholds in this region (see Strongholds), the famous legend Peng Zushou may be found in a player's legend sanctuary provided that the player's city is located in the region.

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