Item type Treasure
Description These boxes are given as gifts by the Emperor. The box can be opened by using a Diagram. The contents can be worth up to 80 WoLCash, possibly including rare items.
WoLCash Cost 20

Lockboxes are gilded boxes, typically given to trusted vassals by the Jade Emperor. The complex mechanism cannot be opened without a Diagram. Items found inside may be worth up to 80 WoLCash, and may include rare items. They are reasonably common drops when exploring mid-level wildlands. They cost 20 Cash apiece in the market, which sounds like a bargin, but keep in mind that you'll need to spend an extra 5 Cash to buy a diagram to open each Lockbox, raising the price to 25 WoLCash.


These boxes are about as common as siderite boxes when exploring special paradises, above Floor 3. They are rare in most wildlands however.

Obtain from TasksEdit

This item can be obtained by completing the following tasks:

Growth tasksEdit

Legends tasksEdit

Destiny tasksEdit


This item may contain various combinations, usually three or four, from the following list:








Lockbox Capture

A lockbox obtained from Floor 4 of a Special Paradise

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