This article is about Loyalty. For the legend stat loyalty, see Loyalty (legend).

Loyalty is a measure of a city's happiness towards its ruler and is directly related to the taxation and population of the city.

Tax rateEdit

Main article: Tax

A city's stable loyalty can be calculated based on the tax rate and public resentment. Loyalty will not drop below 0.

Loyalty = (1 - Tax - Resentment) * 100

Hence, a tax rate of 20% and 0 resentment will result in a "final" loyalty of 80. Loyalty will not instantly change, but will "gravitate" towards the final value. Once every 6 minutes, the current loyalty will either fall or rise one point towards where it is meant to be. For example, if a ruler has a loyalty of 80 and a tax rate of 30%, the loyalty will decrease by one point every six minutes until loyalty reaches 70.

Also note that during initial testing, it seemed that changing the tax rate caused the 6-minute delay to be reset, although we are unsure at present whether this is a bug or simply a flaw in the design.


Main article: Population

Loyalty is also linked with population. Loyalty determines the current population as a percentage of the maximum population.

Current = Maximum * Loyalty / 100

If a ruler has a maximum population of 10,000 and a stable loyalty of 70, then the current population will gravitate towards 7,000 where it will stabilise. Once a minute the population changes to reach an average of 1% every 12 minutes. If the population falls as in the above example, then it should be noted that idle population will be lowered first, and hence resource production will remain the same.

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