Meteor III
Meteor III
Item type Task
Description Found in high level wildland areas and special paradises, these can be offered at court as tribute.
WoLCash Cost Cannot be bought/sold

Meteor III (formerly Meteor Pieces) is a task item found in high level wildlands and special paradises. Meteor III, together with Meteor I and Meteor II, can be used for exchange jewellery via the Divine tribute tasks in the Daily tasks section.


Location Level Floor Quantity Rarity
Wildland (invade) 6-10 N/A 1-4 Common
Wildland (occupy) 6-10 N/A 1-4 Common
Wildland (explore) 6-10 N/A 1-4 Common
Special Paradise 4, 5 3-7 1-4 Common


This item can be obtained by completing the following tasks:

Jewel exchangeEdit

Below are the number of meteors needed to exchange a particular type of jewellery:

Meteor I Meteor II Meteor III Jewellery Task
5 Gold Bead Divine tribute 1
10 White Jade Divine tribute 2
20 Lucent Jade Divine tribute 3
5 White Jade Divine tribute 4
10 Lucent Jade Divine tribute 5
20 Silk Yarn Divine tribute 6
5 Lucent Jade Divine tribute 7
10 Silk Yarn Divine tribute 8
20 Azure Stone Divine tribute 9
20 20 20 Sky Stone Divine tribute 10
Meteor III Capture

Meteor III obtained from a Special Paradise

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