NO. 97 in the Legend Info list.

Mo Lihai
Mo Lihai
Gender Male
Order Seer
Title Umbrella Heavenly King
Ability 41
FengShen Tower Talent Pipa seductive...? (Magic attack is increased by 8%)

Base Life 384
Base Mana 314
Obtained at Level 1 (from Molihai Tkn.)

Base CA 147
Base MA 181
Base Def. 92
Base Crg. 17
Base Mag. 10
Base Strt. 62

Legend type Task
Unlock task Purification
Unlock item King Tkn.

Mo Lihai is a famous seer with 41 ability points who can be recruited by using a Molihai Tkn..

This token is obtained by opening a Molihai Box which is one of the four possible "Mo" boxes obtained at random by using a King Tkn.. A King Tkn. is obtained by completing the legend task Purification which requires four Evil ElementS.

By opening a Molihai Box, a treasure item - Pearl Chest - will also be obtained. This contains Mo Lihai's exclusive artifact, the Pearl Umbr.. It will increase troop size by 10%, up to the number at start of battle, when used.

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