Nezha's Story
Task type Legends
Pre-requisite(s) Strange vision
Description Li Jing was a prominent commander charged with guarding Chentang pass. His wife, Madam Yin, gave birth to a fleshy cocoon after three years of pregnancy. The frightened servants whispered that the house and noble family were cursed and threatened to leave. One day, Li Jing awoke to find the cocoon gone. Wracked with fury and grief, Li Jing sent his servants in search of his wayward offspring and posted notices across the land offering a reward for the return of the cocoon. Rumours of the cocoon’s whereabouts were rife, but all accounts stated that the cocoon had been seen in the wilderness.
Guide Invade level 0 wildlands in search of the Cocoon.
Objective(s) Cocoon: 1
Reward(s) Lockbox: 1
Unlocks Li Jing's sword

The Altar

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