Nezha is born
Task type Legends
Pre-requisite(s) Li Jings sword
Description With one mighty blow of his sword, Li Jing rent the cocoon asunder. Light burst from within and everyone present gasped as a young boy emerged from its depths. Li Jing wept with joy and named his son Nezha. One day, a travelling monk came to Li Jing's home and requested an audience with the lord of the house. He told Li Jing that the boy was an avatar of the celestial being Ling Zhu Zi, the Pearl Spirit. He offered to take him to Qianyuan mountain where he would become a disciple of The sage of Taiyi. First however, a sacred tablet, signifying tutelage, would need to be found.
Guide Explore 1st floor of a special paradise in search of a Tablet. These may also be purchased from the shop.
Objective(s) Nezha: 1
Tablet: 1
Reward(s) Puzzle Box: 1
Unlocks Arming Nezha

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