This article is about an item. For the Practise task, see Nuwa Stone (task).
Nuwa Stone
Nuwa Stone
Item type Jewellery
Description This potent gem was pivotal in Nuwa's endeavour to repair the sky.
WoLCash Cost Unknown

Nuwa Stones (also known as Nuwa's Stones) are jewellery items. They are a requirement for the tasks Aspiration 7 and Aspiration 8 which are required for the ranks State Minister and Development Minister, respectively. This item can be resold to the shop for 25,000 gold.

It is advisable not to sell any jewellery, as they are useful for Aspiration tasks and gaining new positions.

Obtaining this itemEdit

Nuwa stones can be obtained by:

Exchanging jewelsEdit

At rank Ministerial Prefect, jewels can be exchanged with those of higher values in one of the Exchange tasks in the Destiny category. Each task requires 1,000 gold.

Raising loyaltyEdit

Main article: Loyalty

Nuwa stones can be used to raise the loyalty of legends by 35 points.

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