Task type Growth
Pre-requisite(s) Logistics (task) (level 12)
Description Halberdiers are strong infantry with high attack power which form the backbone of a successful army. Halberdiers are particularly effective against chariots. Train halberdiers to present an insurmountable defence.
Guide Train 500 halberdiers
Objective(s) Halberdiers: 500
Reward(s) Food: 30,000
Wood: 30,000
Copper: 20,000
Gold: 10,000
Population: 500
Unlocks See below
Pre-requisite(s) Logistics (task) (level 14)
Guide Train 1,000 halberdiers
Objective(s) Halberdiers: 1,000
Reward(s) Reputation: 1,000

Bronze Box

Unlocks No task unlocked

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