This article is about the number of people in a kingdom. For the Growth task, see Population (task).

Population is the count of number of labourers and workers currently have living in a city (or a sub-city). Population depends on the number of villages and the level for each village, and may be increased through the Sacrifice and Give birth prayers.

The population of a city is composed of:

  • Labour: The labour required for the production of resources
  • Workers: The workers required for the construction of buildings
  • Idle labour: The labourers and workers currently unemployed

There are several terms related to population:

  • Current population: The current number of labourers, workers, and idle population in a city (or a sub-city).
  • Maximum population: The upper limit for the population
  • Idle population: Composed of idle labour.

Population may be displayed in various colours:

  • Green: Increase in population - You can cause an increase in population by raising loyalty to greater than the current population ratio (current population/max population as a percent). Population will change by about 1% of max population every 12 minutes until it is equal to effective loyalty.
  • Red: Decrease in population- A decrease in population is caused by the current population ratio (described above) being greater than loyalty. Population will change by about 1% of max population every 12 minutes until it is equal to effective loyalty. To stop or reverse the trend of decreasing population, you must raise loyalty or max population.
  • Normal/white: Stable, no change in population. Population will remain stable until loyalty is changed.

Loyalty and DissentEdit

Main article: Loyalty

Loyalty directly affects population. If loyalty is lower than the current population divided by the maximum population multiplied by 100, population will reduce. On the other hand, if loyalty is higher, population increases.

If the current population is 5,888 and the maximum population is 10,920, dividing 5,888 by 10,200, we get a value of 0.53. Multiplying that with 100 gives 53. If loyalty is at 50, population decreases until it reaches 5,460 (0.50 × 10,920).

Current = Maximum * Loyalty /100
Current = Maximum  * (1 - Tax/100)

As tax is dependant on population, the higher the population, the more gold income a ruler receives.


Main article: Troops

Population is required to hire troops, but in general, troops do not count toward the population count. Recruiting each troop results in a population reduction of between 1 to 5 depending on the type.

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